Why call them Rheumatoid Arthritis patient facts?

There were many things that didn’t add up as I started to read so-called Rheumatoid Arthritis facts. What I read was not what I experienced. The more I heard from other RA patients, the longer was the list of things I wondered about. I can’t believe I’m finally saying this aloud. These are Rheumatoid Arthritis patient facts I learned from listening to people who live with RA.

By the way, yes, I realize that I’m generalizing. I’m sorry if that bothers anyone, but I’m not making any claims about percentages. These are just things I’ve noticed. The tens of thousands of comments on this blog support these conclusions.

Rheumatoid Arthritis patient facts according to RA patients

  1. Patients often disagree with rheumatologists about a status of RA remission or “control.”
  2. There are a disproportionate number of nurses and hairdressers with RA.
  3. There is not really a typical Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  4. Side effects seem to come and go, but patients do better when they are warned, which is not frequently.
  5. External obvious swelling does not consistently correlate with pain.
  6. In some ways, not much has changed in 44 years.
  7. I think people with RA are usually optimistic, kind, and helpful.
  8. So many RA patients are diagnosed with FMS for well-known RA symptoms.
  9. Almost everyone I meet with RA had symptoms for years before diagnosis.
  10. RA patients often don’t realize that their comorbidities are due to RA.
  11. Most RA patients are private about how much pain they live with daily.
  12. Most RA patients have a higher than average pain threshold.
  13. Using joints often causes flare. Using flaring joints makes them worse.
  14. There are things that some RA patients need that they don’t get – like work accommodations, medical treatments, or better mattresses or shoes.
  15. Most RA patients I meet hate people thinking that they just have “arthritis.”
  16. Most of us have already tried eating healthy, exercise, and juicing & it didn’t help our RA.
  17. Many of us have had a doctor doubt our veracity.
  18. There are often discrepancies between the facts of our disease history & what is inmedical charts of RA patients.
  19. Most of us have a family member who doesn’t “get it” or won’t hear the truth about RA.
  20. Hoarseness due to inflammation in larynx joints is not rare.

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