As we get older we go through a lot of shit, shit that we’d never thought would happen. Unfortunately as life goes on so does the rollercoaster. Some of us are exposed to mental disorders whether they are hereditary or something that we develop because of our experiences.

Unfortunately we do the best with the cards that we are dealt with and do our best to forget all the stuff that seems to be going against us. However some people just don’t seem to understand how a simple thing no matter if you mean it or not can have such a devastating effect. So here’s somethings you should never say.

1. You should kill yourself/ why don’t you just kill yourself

Whether your mad at someone or you don’t mean it telling a person to take their life is NEVER acceptable and you have no idea how a person will react or if they will take it to heart. Suicide is NOT a joke, whether you mean it or not.

2. You deserved to be hit.

No one deserves to be hit or attacked. Especially in cases of domestic abuse telling a person who already has self-worth issues as well as insecurity telling a person that they deserved to be treated than less than human. Abuse is not a joke and should never be made into one.

3. You’re insane, crazy, stupid or any derogatory word.

This really hits hard when it comes to a person that has a mental disability. As a person with a mental disability one of the most damaging comments a person can make it being called crazy. First of all most of us that have been diagnosed with something like that already think they are crazy and believe us we are trying our freaking best, we know that we aren’t but we also try all day to prove to ourselves that we aren’t. WE ARE PEOPLE

4. Never use our disabilities against us.

Yes, having a mental disability does change some things for us on a daily basis but that sure as hell doesn’t mean we aren’t able to be brilliant, creative and live normal lives. When a person makes a comment about our mental disability as being less or a person or lacking knowledge is completely degrading as well as completely untrue.

To everyone that is suffering, I know it’s hard to let go of the ignorance o others but to be honest anyone that strives off of making such horrific comments and making you feel less than a person is not worth it. We are meant to be individuals, we are not all the same, we have experiences, downfalls and rough patches but we all deserve respect.

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