Time for a little rant and request for recommendations..

Last July I started experiencing pain around my right elbow. Since then, it’s spread to my right shoulder and bicep. I attended the 12 sessions of physical therapy my insurance would cover, had a weird nerve test from my neurologist and had numerous x-rays, and finally, after 8 months or so, I was sent to the Orthopedist. He simply said it was tendinitis in my elbow and bicep and bursitis in my shoulder. Basically, a lot of inflammation, most likely from my long hours on the computer.

My orthopedist has me on a muscle relaxer, Celebrex and Tramadol. None of them are working, and I don’t like taking so many medications. He said the next step is Valium and then surgery. I laughed when he said Valium, because he had been joking about how insanely tight my shoulders and neck are, but apparently he wasn’t kidding. (I’m always awkward like that, laughing at the wrong time, in case you were wondering.)

Things I’ve tried:

  • Wrist brace, elbow tendon brace (the one that sits just below your elbow..I don’t know what it’s called)
  • Yoga (not sure if it’s helping or hurting my shoulder)
  • Every muscle rub available, pretty much, plus epsom salt baths
  • Changing my typing/working positions
  • Anti-inflammatory foods (so much turmeric my fingers were orange!)

The thing I’m struggling with the most is giving my arm a rest. I’ve taken short breaks here and there, but I make my living with the computer, so it’s challenging (and so frustrating!).

SO, this is basically a last-ditch effort to reach out to the blogging community and see if anyone else has experienced this! I know different things work for different people, but I’m open to suggestions.

Things I haven’t tried but am looking into:

  • Acupuncture
  • Visiting a Chiropractor
  • A more extreme diet overhaul (Anti-inflammatory foods, cutting out sugar, wheat, etc. completely)
  • Swimming to build strength (have gone twice)
  • Bikram Yoga

Anti-Inflammatory Foods List

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